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First Treasures

Unframed Paw Outprint Tile

Unframed Paw Outprint Tile

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Tile Colours

Outprint tiles are created by gently pressing your pet's paw into natural terracotta clay for a few seconds to create an impression. This imprint is then cast in fine stone plaster to create a raised 'outprint'. The outprint tile will show the contours of the pads, fur and claws.

After you leave my studio, the tiles are sanded and polished to prepare them for painting. They are then hand painted in your choice of colour.

Tile colours include: gold, silver, bronze, pewter, pearl white. matte white or matte black.

For children over 2 years old and adults please contact First Treasures for a quote.

All castings are carried out in the First Treasures Studio, it is necessary to pre-book. Please click the 'Make Appointment button' to book.

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