Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our frequently asked questions about castings, outprints and jewellery.

FAQ About 3D and Outprint Castings

Can 3D Castings be done at any age?

Yes I can cast from just hours old to over 100 years old. Frames are all made to size so I am not restricted by standard frame sizes. 

Does the moulding solution have any harmful chemicals in?

No the moulding solution is 100% safe for even newborns delicate skin. We use alginate which is also used for dental moulds.

How long does each mould take to set?

Between 40-90 seconds. Each mould creates 1 casting and cannot be kept. If you would like 4 castings we need to take 4 moulds.

What size are the frames?

All frames are made to size so it depends on the type and layout of the product you order. 

Is there a choice of frames?

There are 8 frames to choose from within the standard range. We also have vintage style frames which are an additional cost.

Is there a choice of paint finishes?

Yes there are 5 paint finishes you can choose from.

How long will my order take?

We turn pieces around typically in 4-5 weeks.

How long will my appointment be?

Depending on what you have chosen to have done.

Appointments are usually between 20 minutes to 45 minutes. During this time I will explain the process and allow for time to ask any questions, take a look at example frames and how your product can be personalised.

Is there anything I need to know for my appointment?

On the day, bring children in messy clothes. The moulding solution will not come out of certain materials.

What if my child is really wriggly?

We do need your little one to be as still as possible, although inevitably children move and that’s ok! There are very few cases we can’t get a usable mould. Favourite toys, treats and programmes are great as a distraction.

FAQ About Jewellery Castings

Are my children too young or old for prints to be taken?

I can use hand, foot and paw prints from any one of any age. All prints are miniaturised to fit on your chosen item of jewellery which means that no hand, foot or paw is too big.

Fingerprints develop at different ages and I find children under the age of 2 years tend not to have yet developed defined prints, therefore, we recommend fingerprint jewellery for children over the age of 2 years and adults. 

Does the print kit come with instructions?

Yes when you order your kit, it will come with a guide on how to take the best prints possible

Is all your jewellery made from Silver?

All products unless specified are made from 995 Silver

How will I know what print is being used to create my order?

If you have a specific print you wish to be used on your order, please mark the print by circling it or popping a star or arrow next to it so that our design team know which one to work with. Otherwise, we will proceed with your order using the print I believe will provide the best result. If, when your prints are received, I feel the prints may not provide a good result, I will contact you to discuss the options available. 

Will my prints be cleaned up?

Prints or artwork are not altered in any way, as this would take away from the unique idea of using loved ones’ prints and the prints will appear on the jewellery as they are in the images supplied. However, our designers will remove any unwanted marks or smudges from around the artwork or prints.

Can I cancel my order?

I would be sorry to see you go but if, for any reason, you did wish to cancel your order you are able to do so within the cooling off period of 14 days from your order being placed. However, this does not apply if the jewellery designers have already begun creating your order as it will be custom made for you. If you have already used the printing kit supplied a charge will be applied for the kit and delivery, however, if you have not yet used the printing kit, you can return this in full at your own cost for a full refund.

How long does the process take from start to finish?

The production time for jewellery items is 2-3 weeks. For items requiring printing kits the total turnaround time is based on when the studio receives your usable prints.

Please note, any prints received more than 12 weeks after the order was placed may be subject to a fee if the product price has increased. If you return your prints more than 12 weeks after ordering, our fittings, chains, bracelets and other jewellery may be subject to a style change. If this is the case, a substitute style will be used.

Is there a warranty for my Jewellery?

Engraved items come with a 12 months no fade Guarantee. Silver jewellery come with a lifetime guarantee. Chains and jump rings come with a 12 month guarantee