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The Best Baby and Toddler Classes in Chelmsford

Some of First Treasures customers have reviewed the baby and toddler classes they have attended, hopefully it will give you some ideas and inspire you to get your little ones out and about!

1 – Hartbeeps


“My daughter Sienna and I started our Hartbeeps journey in September 2020, when Sienna was 6 months old. We would have started earlier if Covid hadn’t stopped everything from operating. When my son, who is now 15, was younger there were no such groups available.
From our first session at Braintree Hartbeeps with Amber, I knew this class was a keeper. The 45 minute session was packed full of songs, bubbles, dancing and dressing up. It really was amazing. At the end of the session, the lights were dimmed and the children were given a blanket and pillow for quiet time and cuddles with their grown up. It was so well thought out. 18 months on, we still attend and we still enjoy it as much as day one.
The structure of the class and the songs are the same each week, just with a different theme but this has really proved successful as Sienna knows all of the words and actions, she gets excited when she knows her favourite part is coming up and this has really helped with her memory skills and interaction.
We have attended other classes but this, is by far, the best. We intend to go for as long as we are allowed (age wise) and we would highly recommend this class to anyone looking to socialise, learn and have so much fun! We started at Baby Beeps and we now go to Happy House. I’m even going to buy the soundtrack to play of all the songs in the car!” Rachel

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2 – Moo Music

Moo music

“The class is a sensory based session involving music, lights and sound. I really enjoy that each week is themed and therefore different but still based on the sensory needs for the children. There is a routine to the class which I love and my little one gets used to the songs. We’ve been going since she’s 5 weeks and she certainly shows recognition to the songs that are played weekly. We go on a different adventure each week which also involves movement! We use different instruments and it’s been lovely to see the development with my little one such as now being able to hold the shaker herself! It’s 45 minutes of stimulated fun and I end up with a very sleepy baby at the end of the class!” Kelly

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3 – Baby Sensory

Baby sensory

“We love Baby Sensory! I took my eldest when he was just 3 week old until he was 13 months and we enjoyed it so much as soon as I was expecting our daughter I signed us up for classes with her. Every week is a different theme and you learn different sensory ideas and songs that you can then do at home with your little one.We look forward to our class every week, especially the big nap baby take afterwards! Highly recommend.” Kerry

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