GUEST BLOG - Angela and Jenny from Daisy First Aid

GUEST BLOG - Angela and Jenny from Daisy First Aid

When did you start the company and what areas do you cover? 

A: After Freelancing for a year and absolutely loving everything about Daisy I became the owner of Chelmsford Brentwood & Billericay in March 2021.
J: I started running Daisy First Aid classes in Chelmsford back in 2016 before handing over to Angela in 2021 and moving over to Colchester. Then in the last few months I also expanded my business over to Hornchurch… I must love the A12!

Do you have any children of your own?

A: I have 6 year old Girl / Boy twins.
J: I have 2 daughters, 15 & 12 years old. Whoever said it gets easier as they get older was lying! They squabble day and night but I would not change them for the world.

What inspires you to work?

A: The twins have inspired me into this career path as after having them I really wanted to stay in the medical training field. I started my medical training in the airline industry but did not want to be away from them at all. Daisy was the perfect path for me as I am able to be my own boss and work around my family.
J: I absolutely love my job. I started this alongside my role in the emergency services as I wanted to teach people the importance of knowing first aid but never did I think it would become my full time job. I left the police after 17 years and have not looked back. I am driven by the knowledge that the skills I teach save lives. Every time I receive a message from someone saying they used the skills I taught on their child makes me cry! I recently had a message passed to me saying that a lady had had to perform CPR on her husband and he survived and made a full recovery. She was later told by doctors that had she not done this so quickly and efficiently he would not be with her today.

What is your favourite part about your job? 

A: My favourite part of my job is meeting so many different people and teaching them something new. Most people have a bit of first aid knowledge but rarely know the differences for children and babies, especially when it comes to CPR the recovery position and choking. It’s such an amazing feeling to hear I have taught them something new.
J: My favourite part of the job is meeting such lovely people. I have gone from a role where no one wants me to turn up as often something bad has happened to being greeted by friendly faces and having a great two hours teaching in relaxed way and knowing that I have taught them lifesaving skills. My customers are just the best! I absolutely love my job.

What challenges do you find hard?

A: I think like every working mum I still suffer from mum guilt when I go out to do weekend classes, but I shouldn’t because they are always having a great time with their Dad, grandparents or at another birthday party!!!
J: The biggest challenge I have is managing my classes around my family. My daughters have very active social lives (better than mine!) and play a lot of sport. I do miss out on seeing them compete because of classes but they understand why I do this, to provide this knowledge to others and to also in turn be able to provide for them.

What makes you different to others in your industry?

A: Daisy first aid is different to your average first aid class as we can come to your home, classes are really relaxed, you do not have to practice anything if you don’t want to. If you do want to, we make sure we provide separate equipment for each individual or couple. In 2 hours we cover first aid for adult child and baby and everyone gets a certificate. As well as being a medical trainer I’m a mum which I think really helps make my training more
J: Daisy First Aid classes are so different from the typical first aid classes. They’re not boring for one which is the first thing that come to mind when talking about first aid! I try to make the classes as assessable as possible. I quite often find myself travelling up and down the A12 at random times just to fit in a class for a customer. I talk about my own experiences as a mum dealing with first aid which makes the class more relatable.

How can people contact you if they need more information?

Daisy First Aid

Anyone living in Chelmsford Brentwood or Billericay can contact Angela on 07790257309
Those living in Colchester or Hornchurch/Rainham can contact Jennie on 07969637601 or
In Essex, Daisy First Aid also have trainers in Romford, Thurrock, Southend, Maldon & surrounding areas and across the country.

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