Sophie the Giraffe

8 Tips to Help Little Ones with Teething

1 - Teething toys (such as Sophie the Giraffe in photo)

Sophie the giraffe

These squishy toys are great because love to hold and squish them, and (which is the point of them) they love to sink their sore gums into them. This provides some much needed relief from the hot pulsing pain caused by new teeth trying to emerge.

2 - Cuddle therapy

Mother and baby smiling

Do you really need an excuse to give your precious little thing extra cuddles?! It can be hard when all around the house you can see ‘jobs’ that need doing, but honestly they are exactly what babies need when they are experiencing the pain and upset of teething. It has been proven that having a cuddle releases the ‘happy hormones’ Oxytocin and Endorphins. So although cuddles don’t take the pain away, they can make your baby feel happier; so drop the washing basket, and put down the hoover! Enjoy the baby cuddles!


3 - Ice


Some crushed ice in a muslin cloth is brilliant, ice has a numbing quality and can dull the pain of teething. After all we are told by doctors to ice sports injuries to get the inflammation down and promote healing – this will have the same effective on your babies inflamed gums.

4 - Teething Biscuits

Farleys Rusks

Teething biscuits are traditionally quite hard, and its that texture and hardness that babies like chewing on when they are teething. Just be wary though as many of these sorts of teething biscuits are very high in sugar.

5 - Mesh Feeder with Fruit

Mesh Feeder for Teething

The idea behind mesh feeders is that babies can explore different (whole) pieces of food without the risk of choking – these can be filled with thick puree though too and frozen, (or frozen chunks of banana) and you instantly get a ‘baby lolly’ – great to chomp on and will provide some relief from the pain of teething.

6 - Flannel soaked in water

Stacked flannels

The idea behind this is that babies like to explore textures with their mouths, a flannel soaked in cold water will give them that relief and the coolness will help with inflammation.

7 - Reflexology

Reflexology for baby

Reflexology is a non invasive gentle therapy suitable for babies from birth. Tiny babies, children and adults can all benefit from this ancient therapy that has been used for centuries to bring about healing, balance and a sense of well-being. It is important that you don’t try this yourself though, but instead find a professional local to you that runs baby massage classes or specific reflexology appointments.

8 - Chilled carrots to chew on

Eating a carrot

Anything cold reduces inflammation and the pain and heat associated with bulging baby gums! Plus they might quite like the new taste they discover whilst chomping on it! Make sure that your baby has already started weaning before giving carrots, and that the carrot is large enough for them to hold in their fist (not too small to cause choking).


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