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5 Top Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

This is a collaboration with Little Dreams Sleep Consultants, written by Lucy Murray.

As a parent, we are asked the same questions all the time. How are you…how old is your little one…. and are you getting any sleep!

As a sleep consultant I work with tired parents to help restore some rest into their lives, whether it is a 5 month old baby who wakes up every hour in the night, or a 5 year old who needs a parent to stay with them all night.

We are often asked what our top tips are for a restful night’s sleep, so as a special treat for First Treasures customers and followers, here are some tips for restful sleep:

1. Sleep environment

Make sure your little one’s bedroom sets the perfect scene for sleeping. Make it as dark as possible, the right temperature and that their cot follows the Lullaby Trusts safer sleep advice.

2. Bedtime routine


Children thrive on routine, so make sure it is the same every evening. Start with some quiet play and a snack for older babies and children before moving to a bath or wash and getting ready for bed. We then recommend those who have milk to have it before a story, and then going into their cot or bed awake.

3. Avoid sleep props

Cuddly Toys

This is anything that a little one needs to get to sleep. It can be rocking, a parent, movement or singing. Little ones who can fall asleep independently tend to sleep better throughout the night. Often props develop from parents doing anything they can to get their little ones to sleep, and it is one of the main reasons people come to us for help, so you are certainly not alone.

4. Check your timings

check your timings

Correct timings can be the difference between a tricky nap and a great nights sleep. Make sure that little ones are having awake windows that are correct for their age. To find out all about awake windows, check out this blog.

5. Consider an earlier bedtime

It is easy to think that a later bedtime would mean that they will sleep for longer, however the opposite is often the case. If your little one is overtired, they will find it harder to go to sleep, and may wake up in the night, so consider an earlier bedtime. This can also help if you start having mornings that start before 6am!



Little Dreams Chelmsford and Colchester are a sleep consultancy working with tired families across Essex and the UK to help everyone get a better night’s sleep. As well as providing 1:1 support and bespoke plans to families, we also provide lots of information and support via Instagram and our website. If you need support with your little ones sleep, book a free 15 minute, no obligation call to see how we can help.

Little Dreams Chelmsford and Colchester are also offering 10% off all sleep support packages for First Treasures customers.

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