3d Casts

3d hand and foot casts are taken using a gentle technique involving a non-toxic/skin safe moulding material. The casting process only takes around a minute and captures every detail of your child’s hand or foot.

After you leave my studio meticulous care and attention is given to turn these moulds into plaster ‘sculptures’ of your child’s hand or foot. They are hand painted in your choice of colour, replicating real metal castings at a fraction of the cost. Your finished casts can be displayed as freestanding sculptures or alternatively safely preserved behind glass in a quality bespoke box frame, available in a choice of 10 finishes with an optional engraved or painted plaque.

As an alternative to single casts of one child I also offer freestanding handclasps; perfect for capturing a that special mother / child relationship, siblings or husband / wife as shown in the photos.

3d family hand casting
Baby Hand and Foot Castings by First Treasures

Personalising Your Frame

First Treasures frames are designed by you, the customer, we have a huge range of frames, engraved plaques, wooden letters, and background cards for you to choose from to make your child’s frame truly personal.

Mount Cards
3d Cast Colours
Frame Styles


These beautiful tiles are created by gently taking a print of your child’s hand or foot in non toxic soft terracotta clay. Once you have left my studio I then take a cast directly from this impression creating a 3d outprint tile.

The process captures every intricate detail of your baby or child’s palm or the sole of their foot and is suitable for newborns right up to adults. My hand and foot print tiles are finished in your choice of colour and frame style or can be left unframed. Your own photos can also be displayed within the frame along with your tiles. I also offer 2d outprints for pets.

Baby castings by First Treasures
Framed full set of outprints
Unframed family outprint

Fingerprint Jewellery

We create a wide range of beautiful personalised jewellery, capturing those unique, fingerprints, handprints, footprints and pawprints in stunning silver and stainless steel.

All of our hand, foot and fingerprint jewellery pieces are made to order with each piece unique.

We work magic with your prints, you can either send us prints you already have, or request one of our printing kits to be sent to your home. 

Our keepsake jewellery is the perfect gift for new parents, christenings, birthday’s, mother’s day, father’s day or Christmas.

Gift vouchers are available.

Order the most precious piece of jewellery you will ever own.

Personalised engraved stainless steel keyring
Fingerprint Bracelet Charm
Large Hand and Footprint Necklace